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We work collaboratively with small and medium sized businesses in order to progress rapidly in current and emerging markets* We believe that our customers should have the simplest yet most eye catching designs that highlight exactly what customers want to display.* Shelter Interactive cares for your creative concepts to be acknowledged and be given the appropriate audience it needs on the web.* We care for your website to be digitally recognized, which is where we apply SEO to attract potential customers.


What we do

We deliver excellent web service to enrich your digital experience and flourish your sales online. We are a creative team of experts driven by the need to build to perfection.

Drop out the search hassles, time wastage and big cheques to get yourself a customized, cost-effective website at Shelter Interactive. Our team assures the usage of all correct coding, design, structure, and layout to make your website perfect to stand out most.
We strive to work hand in hand with our clients, to be able to transform your raw ideas onto a digital platform to share with the rest of the world. We do not consider a job complete until a client is fully satisfied, which is what we solely aim to achieve at Shelter Interactive.

Website Design

We believe that a website defines its owner, which is why we aim to make yours flawless. This is achieved using convincing graphics and appropriate information structure to produce an attractive layout and user- friendly interface.

Website Development

The core, essential build-up and maintenance of the website is taken care of by our professionally trained development team to meet your business requirements and deliver added value to your users.

E-Commerce Solutions

For the past couple of years, e-commerce has rapidly taken over the business world. Shelter Interactive embraces this new development in technology and helps customers carry out a wide variety of transactions over the internet.

Web Application

At Shelter Interactive, your limits are boundless. We give you what customers love the most, a fully interactive and beautifully designed website with the ability to digitally do anything you wish.

SEO Services

With thousands of websites operating on the internet, it is quite easy to have yours go unnoticed. Therefore, SEO plays its role by helping your website maintain a higher rank amongst all others.

PPC Management

With the help of advertisements, the pay-per-click option ensures that your website is always seen on every search engine regardless of its online rank, directing potential customers to it and increasing traffic along the way.


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The team

A compilation of unique team members working hard at Shelter Interactive to give you the best product with an enjoyable yet productive experience.

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    SEO Consultant
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    Jacob Reynolds

    web Designer
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At Shelter Interactive, we have constantly toiled, brainstormed and worked efficiently to produce websites to precisely meet our client's standards. Stroll through our work examples to have a glimpse at what we’re talking about.

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